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Entek provides a broad range of industrial hygiene services, specializing in the field of asbestos, lead in paint, indoor air quality, mold investigation, assessment, and training.

Entek has Cal/OSHA Certified Asbestos Consultants (CAC’s) and Certified Site Surveillance Technicians (CSST’s) to provide a full array of asbestos related services including building inspections, project design for asbestos abatement, bidding specifications, project management, air sampling, and training.

Entek has one Certified Industrial Hygienists and two Certified Safety Professionals, who can provide a wide range of industrial hygiene and safety investigations, mold assessments, indoor air quality investigations, workers compensation assessments, and expert witness legal support.

Industrial hygiene services includes identification, evaluation, and control of health hazards in the work place for chemical and particulate exposures, indoor air quality, bioaerosol (bacteria and fungal spore) evaluations, heavy metals, crystalline silica, welding fume, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), noise exposures, respiratory protection assessment, and more.

Indoor air quality investigations include evaluation of ventilation systems for air flow at supply and return registers for comparison to as-built drawings, measurement of outside air delivery using air velocity meters with an air flow hood, and for comparison to ASHRAE Standards “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality”. Various particulates which have been evaluated include fiberglass, total dust, total fibers, settled dust, crystalline silica, LEED IAQ Testing, and bioaerosols.

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, and relative humidity levels are measured using direct reading data loggers for up to two weeks to evaluate the ventilation system in relationship to the ASHRAE guidelines.

Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds evaluations using either various absorption/adsorption collection media as specified by NIOSH and OSHA protocols for individual constituents, or by the various EPA Compendium Methods, which utilizes 6-liter SUMMA canisters with analysis by GC/MS full scan.

Entek has California Department of Public Health (CDPH) certified Lead Inspectors/Assessors, Project Monitors, and Project Designers for lead in paint inspections using XRF technology and laboratory analysis, project design, project monitoring, and clearance sampling in accordance with HUD and CDPH requirements.

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