Mold Evaluation & Water Intrusion Investigations

Entek staff have been mold investigations since 1990 and include visual inspections and assessments for visible mold, air sampling for culturable and non-culturable mold spores, clearance testing following mold remediation, development of mold abatement specifications, and project management during mold remediation. Our services have included providing workers compensation investigation inspections, expert witness support on single family residences, assistance at many hospitals, multi-housing units, and commercial buildings assisting attorneys in the assessment of mold inspections and hazards associated with water intrusion issues.

Water intrusion investigations include use of visual inspections, selected destructive sampling techniques, moisture meters, and use of a FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera to assist in water intrusion sources.

Mold and Water Intrusion Services Include:

  • Visual assessments for mold
  • Air sampling for total non-culturable mold spores
  • Air sampling for culturable mold spores using various media depending upon target genus
  • Carpet dust and settled dust sampling and assessment
  • Wall cavity sampling and assessment
  • Bulk sampling by tape lift, material component, and swab
  • Expert witness support including deposition and trial, deposition review and opinion
  • Mold training to building staff and contractors on mold issues
  • Mold presentations to associations and other organizations upon request
  • Water intrusion investigations using a FLIR infrared thermal imaging camera and moisture meters

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