Industrial Hygiene Services

Entek staff have been providing services within the discipline of industrial hygiene since 1987, and include the identification, evaluation, and control of health hazards in the work place for chemical and particulate exposures, indoor air quality, bioaerosol (bacteria and fungal spore) evaluations, heavy metals, crystalline silica, welding fume, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), noise exposures and more.

Entek staff have provided numerous training sessions on respiratory protection, and developed a six hour training course on air monitoring for asbestos.
Entek also provides professional expert witness research and testimony for legal cases involving health and safety, asbestos related issues, indoor air quality, mold, and workers compensation.

Industrial Hygiene Services Provided

Entek has on staff a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Environmental Assessor I to assist owners with compliance with health and safety issues and environmental compliance. Our services include assessment of workplaces for hazards in accordance with Cal/OSHA regulations, including audits of programs and practices for compliance with IIPP requirements for Cal/OSHA.

Services Include:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds by NIOSH Methods, OSHA Methods, and EPA Compendium Methods using SUMMA canisters with analysis by GC-MS
  • Evaluation of all Cal/OSHA regulated contaminants within Title 8
  • Heavy metals such as but not limited to lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, welding fumes, etc.
  • Particulate including PM-10, PM-2.5, total dust, and respirable dust using real time instrument data loggers or traditional gravimetric analytical methods
  • Noise monitoring using dosimeters, and sound pressure meters
  • Ventilation system evaluation for fume hoods, supply and return registers flow checks using an air velocity meter and air flow hood
  • Worker Compensation evaluation of workplace and homes
  • Evaluation of bioaerosols including bacteria, fungi, and endotoxins such as dust mite, cockroach, cat and dog allergens
  • Training on various industrial hygiene hazards
  • Evaluation and audit of IIPP for business owners

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